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ExtraordinaryIs Nonprofits Grant

Nominate a Nonprofit

About the Organization
Primary Contact Information
Organization's Business Address

Please describe the project or initiative that an ExtraordinaryIs grant would be applied to. Please be clear and concise.


Grant applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Project Timeline - a detailed description of the project timeline
  • Project Budget - a detailed description of the project budget
  • W-9 - your organization's W-9 form

All documents must be in PDF format.

How to Name Your Files

Please use the following conventions to name your files. This will help us expedite your application efficiently.

  • Project Timeline: Organization-Timeline.pdf
  • Project Budget: Organization-Budget.pdf
  • W-9: Organization-W9.pdf
Replace Organization with your organization's name.

Previous Grants

Previous grantees are welcome to reapply for a new grant each year.

Agreement and Understanding

All materials submitted to the Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation / Extraordinary Is are confidential and that these materials are requested for the sole purpose of determining an organization's qualifications for a grant award and will not be shared outside of the foundation.

Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.